Small Business


+ Creative Consulting

Thinking outside the box ( & outside of your industry ) can lead to big breakthroughs. We put the power of Creativity in your corner, so that your team can pioneer a new path and invent new value.

+ Profitability & Impact

Plain and simple: we will find your organizational blindspots, your money pits, and your overlooked opportunities. Working harder and faster is not the goal. We want your team to understand their work, exceed goals and get home early on Friday.

+ Project Leadership

Organizations without project managers waste time and money. Project Planning & Execution is a beautiful science where we put the world's best tools and technique behind your vision. 

+ Change & Vision

No organization is an island. The changing tides of markets, government, and consumer behavior are difficult to navigate. We help your team understand the shifting landscape and capture the hidden power of crosswinds.

+ Strategic Solutions

Most organizations know where they want to be, but connecting the dots amidst new challenges can be hard for a busy staff. We can help you bridge the gap between where you are now, and your destination. Let's make your mission happen.

+ Systems & Technology

The world is not lacking in high-tech gadgets or work-flow efficiencies, but organizations don't know what they don't know. We will find the tools and techniques you need, and the cutting edge software or app that will make your team whistle while they work.



You don't need to have all the pieces to the puzzle, or a concrete plan... 

That's what we're here for! 

Give us 5 words, and let Matt buy you a drink. 

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AIRLOOM : Marketing & Design Division brings equal parts Business and Beauty to communication needs.

We believe that great products, services, and stories are worth sharing. 


Our work and influence is international, but we call Ohio + West Virginia home. 

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