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"I don’t really have any control over what’s going to happen... It’s more just experimentation and waiting for that moment when your breath gets taken’s not anything to master. You just have to recognize it when it happens and protect it from evaporating."

-  Rick Rubin

"Every single thing in the world that was made by anyone started with an idea. So to catch one that is powerful enough to fall in love with, it is one of the most beautiful experiences. It's like being jolted with electricity and knowledge at the same time."

-  David  Lynch

"My view is that all artists, whether they know it or not, whether they would repudiate the notion or not, are in fact "showers forth" of things which tend to be impoverished, or misconceived, or altogether lost or wilfully set aside in the preoccupations of our present intense technological phase, but which, nonetheless, belong to man.

So that when asked to what end does my work proceed I can do no more than answer... thus: Perhaps it is in the maintenance of some sort of single plank in some sort of bridge."

-  David Jones, The Dying Gaul

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